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Creating an impressive interior is easy with solutions by Lumof. Built-in track lighting system specifically for drywall installation.

Track lighting system

The lighting system using tracks is multifunctional and easy to install. Mortise track is the optimal solution for laconic interior design. On the track guide there are fixtures that can be rotated and independently adjust the direction of the light. You can buy track lights in our store, after considering the details of the order. Our experts will help you with this.

Mortise-type track lights are purchased to implement complex design ideas. Requests to buy a track lighting system are typical for loft-style interiors.

Recently, track systems are gaining popularity. Fashion trends support the loft style, and the price of track lights allows them to be used in home interiors.

Many people prefer to buy this type of lighting to illuminate certain areas of the interior.

The purchase of these lamps is especially relevant in apartments with a large area of ​​​​rooms, when it is necessary to zone the space.


It will fit into any interior

Benefits of built-in track

Unlike overhead tracks, the design is completely hidden in the ceiling, which gives an aesthetic look and ergonomics to the space in the interior.

The ability to create multifaceted lighting for any architectural task, even in rooms with low ceilings or in confined spaces. Lighting of certain areas of the room, avoiding the use of a chandelier, which is significant in non-residential premises, when there is a need to illuminate spaces with a large area.

Changing the lighting, the lamps rotate in any direction, this allows you to adjust the lighting depending on the mood, external factors, necessary changes in space.


We constantly maintain the presence of a profile in a warehouse in Kyiv, so you can count on us!

We invite Architects and Designers to cooperate. We have favorable working conditions.

The reinforced driver in our luminaires allows us to guarantee their work for a long time.


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The track system consists of a profile and a busbar. A profile is a supporting structure of the channel type, on which conductive channels are installed. The length of the profile must be a multiple of 1000 mm or 2000 mm.

The mortise track is mounted in drywall. Finishing work is recommended to be carried out after installing the track to mask the attachment points. Embedded design requires high precision surface marking before installation. Our specialists perform work with high precision, which will ensure high-quality installation and the perfect appearance of the track upon completion of work.

The arrangement of track guides can be different, there are practically no restrictions. The length of possible guides should be taken into account when drawing up a drawing or sketch of the system.

The range of accessories includes corners and flexible transitions. They make it possible to lay profiles at an angle to each other and build unusual shapes. There are options for the transition of guides from the ceiling to the wall, from the wall to the wall. Such options are also realized with the help of various components.

During the development of the track structure, it is worth paying attention to the place of connection to the electrical network. Using recessed profiles, the terminal box can be placed on the surface or hidden in the same space as the profiles. However, in any case, the outlets of the electrical network must be located near the installation site. If the desired lighting will be located away from the power outlets, it is necessary to lay the network in advance to the installation site of the original lighting.

The client selects lamps for tracks according to taste preferences. The price range is presented in the price list.

After the installation of the system frame is completed, the fixtures should be installed. Each lighting fixture consists of a mounting system and a light source. Sophisticated fastening elements allow you to fix the lamp at any point on the rail. The swivel mechanisms for each lighting fixture are thought out in different ways, but you can easily adjust the direction of the light and fix it in the selected position.


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