Proper lighting


Luminous stretch ceiling

The Canva Light Ceiling is not just a tape pasted on concrete – it’s art! We bring to your attention an innovative product that allows you to make a uniform light of a stretch ceiling with a vacation of 12 cm.

Led chip of the highest quality does not burn out and does not require replacement. Can be used in bathrooms. System guaranteed for 7 years!


Made by professionals

A specially designed and patented system for the complete illumination of a stretch ceiling. You no longer need to glue the tape and worry about the result. Canva is a technological solution for creating unique interiors.


Convenient and easy installation

Watch the installation video.

Lumof provides all the necessary materials for installation. Conducts professional selection of equipment according to the technical specifications of the customer. You get a ready Box for installation!



There is no more comfortable light than reflected light. The light chips of our system shine upward, bounce off the white ceiling, and only then scatter through the main ceiling. Thus, you will get the most comfortable and soft light in the room.

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