1. Privacy Policy

1.1. lumof.ua respects the right of site visitors to privacy and confidentiality and recognizes the importance of protecting the information collected about them.

1.2. This privacy policy is a public document that covers all personal data (“PD”), which is processed by lumof.ua (“Owner of personal data”), and is developed in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine on personal data.

1.3. This policy governs the use of resources, services, features of the site lumof.ua, as well as the use of information provided by you.

1.4. lumof.ua will not collect, use or disclose personal information otherwise than as provided by our privacy policy and the current legislation of Ukraine.

1.5. By using the lumof.ua website, you agree to the terms of the lumof.ua privacy policy.

1.6. Any changes to the terms of this privacy policy will be announced in a clear, accessible form on the lumof.ua website, such changes will take effect immediately after publication on the site.

2. Ways of collecting information

  • the information you filled in when registering on the lumof.ua website;
  • You provide data during communication through the lumof.ua hotline;
  • providing you with information by filling out forms to participate in contests, promotions, surveys, etc., both online and by filling out the relevant questionnaires directly in lumof.ua retail stores.

3. List of information

3.1. The following information is required:

    • Name;
    • email and/or mobile and/or home phone number.

3.2. Additional information:

    • date or year of birth;
    • address of residence;
    • marital status;
    • presence/absence of children;
    • information about stylistic preferences;
    • information about the interest in a particular product;
    • order information and purchases made;
    • feedback and suggestions.

3.3. We also additionally collect and process information coming from the technical means through which you contact us (cookie data, information received in: requests, questions, comments and reviews, geographic location), including information about the technical means themselves, somehow: device type; operating system; browser type.

3.4. Filling in the information in the questionnaire will allow us to inform loyalty program members about unique offers based on the specified preferences, create personal promotions, participation in which allows additional bonuses for purchases to be credited to the account of the loyalty program member’s bonus card.

4. Purpose of collecting information

4.1. We collect information for:

    • assessment of the quality of customer service / users of the site lumof.ua;
    • providing consumers with up-to-date information about lumof.ua products and promotions;
    • formulation and processing of orders for the Goods;
    • improving the quality of service for consumers/users of the lumof.ua site;
    • to provide you with access to services that are available to registered users, such as wishlists and product alerts;
    • improving content efficiency;
    • help through customer service;
    • market research

4.2. Information processing is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

5. Transfer of information to third parties

5.1. lumof.ua does not transfer the information you provide to third parties, except in cases:

    • delivery of your order by postal, courier and service companies, telecom operators, call centers (call centers) with which the relevant agreements have been concluded;
    • financial institutions (in the case of a refund for the goods);
    • expressly provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine.

6. Information retention

6.1. The information provided is stored only as long as it makes sense for the purposes specified in the standing Privacy Policy – in general for a period of 10 years, unless a longer period is established by the legislation of Ukraine.

7. Your rights

7.1. You have the right to:

    • to know what data we process, how we receive it and how we use it;
    • request to update and/or complete information about you;
    • request correction of any errors in the personal data we hold about you;
    • require anonymization of your data;
    • restrict the processing of your data;
    • request a copy of the data we hold about you (and we provide this to you free of charge after identification);
    • get a copy of some or all of your personal data;
    • withdraw consent to the processing of personal data;
    • Require the deletion of your data from our systems (after receiving and considering your request, we will be obliged immediately, but in any case no later than the period established by law, to stop processing and delete your personal data).

7.2. In the event that you have consented to the use of your personal data for newsletters*, you can withdraw your consent at any time by calling the hotline or clicking “unsubscribe” in the newsletter email, or by unsubscribing from text messages**.< /p>

* Newsletters include electronic and mailing lists with information about products, special offers, promotions, events organized by lumof.ua).

** You may receive a small amount of additional messages immediately after unsubscribing, but we will comply with your request as quickly as possible.

7.3. In order to avoid violations and unlawful use of your data by third parties, we may ask you to confirm your identity before fulfilling your request.

8. Your data is safe. How do we protect personal data?

8.1. To ensure the protection of personal data, we follow international standards and use best practices in the information security industry, which include physical, administrative, technical and organizational measures.

8.3. Our task is to ensure confidentiality, integrity, availability and manageability in the processing of personal data. At the stage of implementation of new (and operation of existing) services, we use modern methods and technologies of protection to prevent unauthorized access to personal data (hardware and software detection and prevention of protection, intelligent systems for detecting unauthorized access, secure encryption during storage and transmission of data, control of physical and technical access to data).

8.4. At regular intervals established by the internal rules of the enterprise, we check the level of security of our services, infrastructure and provide constant protection against malware and modern cyber threats.

8.5. We also provide measures to prevent the sudden loss of stored data and their timely recovery in the event of a physical or technical failure. We constantly monitor security and periodically evaluate the effectiveness of security measures, as a result of which we implement the necessary improvements. We also require data processors to implement appropriate measures to protect against unauthorized access and respect data confidentiality.

8.6. In addition, we enter into contractual confidentiality obligations with our employees and performers, for the violation of which penalties are provided.

9. Use of Cookies

9.1. Like many other websites, the lumof.ua resource uses cookie technology, with which it is configured to work with you personally. In particular, without this technology it is impossible to work with the basket.

9.2. Cookies are very small files that are sent by us to your computer or other device, which we may access when you visit our site in the future. This technology allows the site to access stored information when necessary and improve the usability of our information resources. You can always change your browser settings yourself and thus refuse to store cookies.

10. Caution for Persons Under 16

10.1. Persons under the age of 16 have the right to transactions (including buying goods, providing your personal data) only with the permission of parents / guardians in the manner prescribed by the Civil Code of Ukraine. The transfer of personal data by such a person will be regarded by us as obtaining the consent of the parents / guardians and the presence of the person’s rights to make transactions.