Combs Light System 



Luminaire with a comfortable angle of light dispersion.

Forget about the fact that the pendant light can shine into your eyes, the DOT30 pendant light has a 48 degree beam angle, which allows you to illuminate the desired surface without a visible light source.



Luminaire for main lighting. 

LINE30 can be widely used in commercial and interior lighting, has a screen width of 30 mm, absolutely uniform screen illumination without brightness in the center or blackouts at the edges. The perfectionist within you will rejoice. 

Combs Light System

It will allow you to create any lighting option for your tasks. Do you want light lines? – there will be light lines with an absolutely uniform glow. Want comfortable light with a recessed light source? – DOT module will be installed. Want just a black transition between the light parts? and we have it. A black decorative screen will allow you to beautifully close the profile, and if necessary, we will highlight it and get a decorative glow.